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Vegan sweets have seen a large growth over the past 2-3 years both within the confectionery industry and on our website. Confectionery manufacturers have also seen the potential within this growth period and have added many vegan sweets to their product ranges over this period. 

Swizzels Matlow is one of the largest confectionery producers in the UK and remain one of the largest privately owned sweet manufacturers to this date. They have a large selection of vegan sweets that wasn't introduced recently. Just a few of their best selling vegan approved sweets include:

Candy Whistles
Drumstick Chew Bars
Vimto Chew Bars
Rainbow Drops
Mini Love Hearts Rolls

Vegan Sweets Online

With over 10 more items that make up the Swizzels Matlow range of vegan sweets, they are once again leading the way forward with a stylish and delicious range of confectionery, suited for a large percentage of dietary requirements.

Another very popular manufacturer of vegan sweets is a local confectionery company that is just around the corner from our warehouse is Pimlico Confectionery. They offer over 20+ wholesale 1kg bags that are all vegan approved, with lots being halal approved as well as gluten free. Here's our top 5 best selling sweeties that come from Pimlico:

Fizzy Blue Bottles
Fizzy Jelly Cones
Fizzy Neon Rings
Fizzy Snowflakes
Vegan Wine Gums

vegan wine gums sweetsAs you can see from the range above, many of the vegan sweets that Pimlico produce all contain a fizzy sugar coating, making them a very tasty sweet for anyone who enjoys a slight kick to their treats.

Whilst we continue to browse the confectionery industry and search for exciting new vegan pick and mix sweets to add to our growing range of dietary confectionery products that we can share at low, trade prices.

If there is a particular sweet that you enjoy but can't find a suitable vegan/vegetarian replacement, please do let us know and we'll be happy to pass this feedback onto the manufacturers that produce similar types of sweets. 

Candy Manufacturers Go Vegan

Many confectionery makers have moulds and production techniques already in place so the process of making a vegan variety can be as little as just a recipe change in certain cases. It is of course, solely down to the manufacturer if they wish to produce such a sweet but if enough demand is there, then from our experience, most manufacturers will be happy to launch the product. 

We hope the you have enjoyed reading about just a small selection of our vegan sweets and just a little bit of background information about where they come from and from where they are created. 

If you have any questions regarding any of our items or would like to hear more about a particular product, please do leave a comment below and one of our team members will get back to you shortly with the answer!

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