Wholesale sweets are the same great tasting sweets you find in the shops but in larger quantities and much cheaper prices. If you are interested in opening a wholesale account with us, please get in touch and we will be happy to assist you further. Once your account request has been received, a member from our wholesale department will review your account. Once they have approved your account for use, you will receive an e-mail from us stating that your wholesale account with Zap Sweets is now active. You will then be able to view our low, competitive trade prices across our range of over 750+ confectionery items.

Trade UK Sweets & Chocolate

Have you been wondering what wholesale sweets are? Wholesale sweets are exactly the same sweets that you see in all your favourite sweet shops but in larger quantities and often much cheaper as you are buying in bulk! Wholesale sweets are generally aimed at market traders, sweet shop owners and general shop owners that would like to introduce a range of confectionery. Wholesale sweets can also be very useful for everyone though! As a sweet shop owner, market trader, etc, trade sweets will be a key area in your business. This is where we can help you and your business with our extensive selection of bulk candy.

Our entire product range can be viewed on our website under the following categories:

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If you are interested in buying large quantities of our wholesale sweets, please be sure to contact us so that we can discuss delivery costs, quantity discounts, etc. We have a separate wholesale website for our trade customers.

We specialise in wholesale sweets and have done for a very long time now! Zap Sweets operates from a large warehouse in heart of London. With over 3500 products, we are one of the leading confectionery wholesalers in the UK.

Wholesale Sweets

Why Wholesale Sweets?

As the owner of a sweetshop, we can guarantee that it may have taken you many years to source and build up the range of traditional, old-fashioned sweets that you offer in your sweetshop. Before starting our online wholesale sweets website, we were often asked about the best confectionery products, where could i purchase wholesale confectionery, do i need this or that, etc!

Sweetshop owners, people who are considering setting up a sweet shop or a market stall will need access to the best quality wholesale candy as well as the most competitively priced wholesale confectionery. We ensure that all of our wholesale sweets are provided to our customers at the lowest possible trade prices to guarantee profitability for your business.

Wholesale sweets come in a variety of packaging as you will be able to see throughout our website. For example, cola bottles come in bulk bags, bulk tubs & we even offer them in bulk in a sweetshop jar! By offering wholesale sweets in as many different varieties as possible, we can provide you with the best selection of wholesale sweets around.

Online Wholesale Sweets

Up until a good few years ago, getting your hands on wholesale sweets wasn't the easiest job in the world. You would have to find a local cash & carry, ensure that the stocked the range of sweets that you were interested in, travel there and back, etc. All of this is taking time out of your day when you could be doing something else.

Now we have the wonderful tool that is the internet, you are not so restricted! Whatever the time, wherever the location, you can access, browse and purchase wholesale sweets!

The rise of online sweet shops has been huge with retro sweets and that nostalgic feeling that comes with them playing a very large part. Isn't it nice seeing those old-fashioned favourites back on the shelves though? Sweets such as Coconut Mushrooms and Foam Mushrooms? Yum!

Wholesale Confectionery - Why Choose Zap Sweets?

So, if you are a market trader, sweetshop owner or even a potential sweet shop owner, where should you turn next?

We are a specialist supplier of wholesale sweets. You will be able to get the whole range of sweets that you are looking for here. If you are unsure of which sweets to purchase, please contact us and we will gladly guide you through the process, providing you with our opinions and tips on the best bulk sweets to stock.

The margins for selling sweets can be quite high. This is dependant on many different aspects. We offer competitive pricing on our entire range of confectionery to ensure that our wholesalers and trade customers can maximaise their profit levels. We have a reliable and extensive supply of sweets and, if your requirements are large, we can get the sweets you need into stock as quickly as possible without any extra hassle due to our excellent relationship with all the trade manufacturers within the UK.

Delivery. This is always the least attractive part of an online transaction. Depending on the quantity of your order, we will provide a shipping cost from our reliable courier network. We don't profit from delivery charges, we want to provide competitive priced sweets as well as the lowest priced transport we can offer.

We hope that you have enjoyed reading our informative article on all aspects of buying and selling wholesale sweets. If you would like to work with us and register a wholesale account with us, please contact us.

At Zap Sweets HQ, we stock hundreds, possibly thousands of bulk pick and mix sweets all via our online wholesale sweet shop, from the best manufacturers such as Barratt, Tilley's and Vidal. We're also pleased to be one of the largest suppliers of wholesale Haribo sweets too. We can provide wholesale confectionery in jars, bulk bags of sweets, bulk chocolates and even empty hampers and jars so that you can create your own products. We can provide your business or pop up shops with a number of different options including advice on which lines are our most popular to ensure that your business is a success. Our main aim is to help you boost your confectionery sales and expand your range of products that your customers will love and enjoy. 

Our online wholesale sweet shop at ZapSweets.co.uk offers everyone the chance to order a vast and extensive range of our best selling bulk sweets online and have it delivered to your home or workplace within just a few days. With our next day delivery and 48-hour courier, your wholesale candy order is never more than a few days away. We pride ourselves on excellent customer service. Once you have finished reading this article on bulk trade candy, please take a look around our online e-commerce store to see the biggest range of trade confectionery in the UK! 

Thank you for your interest in wholesale sweets and Zap Sweets. We look forward to hearing from you in the near future and hopefully working with you on a project soon. We are the perfect place to buy your confectionery products from as we offer a massive range of bulk sweets and wholesale chocolate coupled with a knowledgeable and fast service, low competitive prices and generations of true confectionery passion that is vital to help you build your confectionery company.