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We're pleased to present our "Create Your Own" Pick'N'Mix sweet pouch that comes in a zip lock, food grade clear bag with a silver shiny back and usually contains well over 1KG of delicious Pick'N'Mix sweets and chocolate inside, depending on what you choose of course!

Please note that some sweets weigh less than others so your pouch may weigh under 1kg but it may also weigh much more than 1kg depending on the products chosen! Regardless of weight, your pouch will always be filled to the brim of delicious sweets! 

Our zip lock bags are heat sealed, can be stood up (they look great on the side!) and come with a resealable zipper (perfect for having just a small sweet fix) and tear notch. They are constructed with food grade materials.

So how does our create your own pick'n'mix sweet pouch work? We've made it nice and simple as well as great fun:

- First, let's choose which design and colour of pouch you'd like. We've got a completely clear option so you can see the sweets in all their glory or we've got a matt black pouch with a window towards the bottom to give you a tease of what's inside! 

- Let's dive straight into the best bit, selecting up to 10 sweets, chocolates or fudge items from our range of 75+ different types of confectionery to add to the pouch! We have everything from boiled sweets to jelly gums to indulgent chocolate. We're sure that there's something in our range for everyone!

We'll do our best to spread the fill of the pouch evenly but due to size differences in products, we may only be able to add 1 or 2 of a certain item whereas we can add 20-30 of another one.

To give you an example of this, if you choose yellow bellies and milk chocolate honeycomb bites, you'll receive a lot more honeycomb bites per piece than you will yellow bellies! Our product images will show examples of this much better.

You can be sure though that our team of sweet experts will hand create your gift pouch so that it looks amazing and tastes even better! 

- Once your pouch is full of sweets, you can then add an optional gift message to your pouch that we'll add to complete the gift experience. 

Pouch Sizing

This pouch has the following dimensions:

Height: 26cm
Width: 19cm
Front to Back (when expanded at the bottom): Approximately 10cm

This sweet pouch will usually hold well over 1kg of sweets when full. This does depend on the products chosen though as some sweets are much heavier and lighter than others! 

Ingredients & Allergens Information

Due to the vast combinations that can be achieved with this product, all the ingredients and allergens information for all of our products can be viewed on our dedicated sweets pouch ingredients, allergens and nutritional information page before ordering. This can be found by clicking here or by searching via our search bar at the top of every page.

If you suffer from any allergies, intolerances or any other dietary requirements, please ensure that you are fully aware of the ingredients and allergens of each product before adding them to the pouch.

Due to the manufacturing process we are unable to guarantee that any of our products are free from traces of WHEAT, GLUTEN, MILK, SOYA or NUTS. Please contact us for if you have any questions regarding our ingredients or allergen information before placing an order.

Product Packaging

All of our pick & mix create your own sweet shop pouches will be packed by hand and will be heat sealed to ensure freshness.

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