Retro sweets have risen in popularity over the past decade with sweet lovers from all over the world reminiscing over retro sweets such as coconut mushrooms and cola bottles from manufacturers such as Haribo & Cadbury's. Sweets that have been out of the confectionery market place are now back and show no signs of ever disappearing again! We couldn't think of any better news. We are also seeing superb new marketing campaigns for these retro sweets, a real positive for the confectionery industry.

Anyone with a sweet tooth for wholesale retro sweets will know the excitement that goes through your mind when you hear about retro sweets making a come back into the marketplace. Did you have a particular retro candy that you thought they had stopped making? Nostalgic confectionery such as sherbet fountains, aniseed balls, dip dabs & space dust are now back in sweet shops, both online and offline and can be enjoyed by everyone! Zap Sweets stocks a very extensive range of retro sweets from all era's! We made sure that this was a key area on our online confectionery shop as we enjoy those old-fashioned, traditional sweets just as much as everyone else!

Most Popular Retro Sweets

Some retro sweets are not only our favourite retro sweets but also the most popular! Retro sweets such as Foam Mushrooms, Midget Gems, Foam Shrimps, Drumsticks, Parma Violets, Fizzers or Fruit Salads are so popular due to the nostalgic retro sweets vibe that they give off. We have worked within the confectionery industry for many years (over 60+ years combined!) and even we love seeing retro sweets from back in the day!

Retro Sweets

It's personal opinion but we love those retro sweets that we had completely forgot about, thought had disappeared off the face of the earth but pop up in our local retro candy shop! We find that when talking to customers, clients and even colleagues, retro sweets always either pop into conversation or make a fantastic conversation starter! At Zap Sweets, sweets are often a key talking point at HQ!

We think this is because most people have a favourite selection of retro sweets that they can't help but talk about and share with everyone! Do you have a retro sweets story? We would love to hear about it. Please contact us or tweet us it on Twitter, we would love to hear about your experiences with retro sweets!

Retro Sweets - The Shops

Many years ago there used to be a nice little sweetshop on every corner of the street. Although they may have only been little shops, they used to do lots of retro sweets! As well as selling plenty of the superb retro sweets hamper, they would sell everyday items such as newspapers, tobacco and even comics (we love our comics!). Can you remember you local sweetshop that you used to go to and buy all your favourite retro sweets? We can remember ours like a clear summers day! Talking of a nice summers day, we used to buy yummy ice creams and freeze pops from the local shop  as well! Topped with our dose of retro sweets, these are some of the finest nostalgic memories!

Nostalgic Confectionery

There was so many retro sweets to choose from, it would take us ages to decide what retro sweets we should buy with our pocket money. Buying traditional was such a pleasure (still is may we mention!), whilst writing this we are imaging standing at the counter in the sweet shop wondering where to look next or what i was going to pick this week!

It was such a difficult choice. Finally, armed with our small traditional white paper bags, we would exit the sweetshop with the best selection of retro sweets ever! Then came one of the hardest questions, which one of these traditional sweets do i eat first? We normally ate the tastiest first, we just could resist those old-fashioned sweets!

Childhood Candy Memories

But today is the present and at Zap Sweets, we will try our upmost to provide you with only the finest retro sweets that will bring back those nostalgic memories that we have just talked about (for ages!). Whilst browsing our old-fashioned retro sweets, you will see the likes of Anglo Bubbly, Black Jacks, Fried Eggs and Catherine Wheels.

So there we have it....our little story on nostalgic sweets! We have babbled on about traditional sweets for far too long, its time for you to take a trip down memory lane and find all of those retro sweets that you enjoyed during your childhood.

Sadly, there are some retro sweets that are no longer manufactured and aren't available in the UK. Retro sweets such as Spangles and Dweebs are no longer available in the UK. They can however be found in some American candy stores. In the near future, we will be exploring the USA candy market and seeing if we can start to stock some of the most popular candy brands from America.

Finally, buckle up and get ready for an adventurous trip down memory land. It's a long yet very tasty road that you are going to journey on but we think that you'll have a great time doing so!