With a huge range of candy available in the USA, we have been crying out for most of it in the UK for quite a few years now. Breakfast just hasn't been the same without some Lucky Charms whilst dessert has been lacking that Hershey's Chocolate Syrup! With America making such a large range of food items, we have be missing out on chocolate, sweets, grocery products and soda for ages and it feels brilliant to have them available at the push of a button!

We have shipments arriving all the time so we always ensure that we have a high stock of all you favourite american sweets in our warehouse at all times. This allows us to despatch your order within days although it's normally hours. As soon as we despatch your order, you can rest assured that you will receive it safe and sound and be able to enjoy the likes of Apple Jacks, Hot Tamales and Harry Potter Jelly Beans.

Well this has all changed and we can now enjoy an extensive selection of american food items and wholesale sweets in the UK. Containers of all sizes are constantly being shipped across the water into the UK contain all our favourite american candy online including Marshmallow Fluff, Wonka Nerds & Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. We are always interested to hear your stories that relate to american food items, so please contact us and we may even share it on our exclusive blog. Our blog is another great place to ensure that you are always up to date with all the latest product launches. Just recently, our new range of Angry Birds candy was launched on our blog so that everyone could enjoy a sneek peek of the candy inside these colourful boxes, each with your favourite character on the front.

Online American Sweets

Buying american sweets online is a breeze. It is safe, quick and easy and very reasonably priced. With such a huge demand for these items, we are able to bring more varieties and quantities over from across the pond in order to drive down the price to ensure the best value for money. Our stock is imported directly from the manufacturer and is sold in the original manufacturers box, just as it would be if you walked into an american sweets wholesaler in one of the many states in the USA!

Wholesale American Sweets

So know that you know a little about what we do at Zap Sweets HQ, we have got some really interesting facts to share with you! As many as 4.2 million Marshmallow Peeps can be made each day in America. Peeps are small marshmallow chicks that taste delicious and are often compared to other smooth favourites such as Twinkies and Ding Dongs. Americans consume 16 billion jelly beans at Easter, many of them hidden in baskets that provide a really fun and adventurous day for children. Easter egg hunts are very popular and are also enjoyed by adults who enjoy eating chocolate and candy just as much as youngsters!

Just think about that, the production of wholesale american sweets is vast which is why new flavours, shapes and sizes are constantly being added to the ranges for us to enjoy over in the UK. Flavours are also not as common as you may think. Whilst you can get original flavours such as Strawberry and Vanilla, there are also more tempting flavours such as Tasty Treacle and Wild Cherry Watermelon!

We love to hear from our customers about there experiences with american sweets. If you have an interesting story, please share them with us!

American Sweets Wholesale

Are you looking for wholesale american sweets? We can offer a large list of items that we stock at very competitive wholesale prices. Please contact us with your requirements and details and we will send you a copy of our latest american sweets wholesale price list for you to view.

Buying american sweets can b a very enjoyable experience. We stock a range of great items including Peanut Butter Twix and Wonka Rainbow Nerds! The ranges that are manufactured in America are huge. They make tonnes and tonnes of candy every week and have specialist teams coming up with fresh ideas, brand new flavours and lots of exciting colours to ensure that american sweets are in demand at all times of the year.

At Zap Sweets, we are growing with this trend and we will also be stocking a wide variety of american candy that is suited to the various holidays and seasons that are celebrated within the UK. Occasions such as Christmas, Easter and Valentine's Day are all events that we will have selected candies in from producers such as Wonka, Reese's and Nestle. Nothing beats giving that someone special an easter egg filled with delicious Reese's peanut butter.

With over 200+ goodies from the United States of America, we will continue to grow our range week by week! Recent additions have seen Skittles that are from the darkside. A new and unique take on the ever so popular range of candy that is produced by Skittles. Darkside is just one of many different flavours which include riddles, blenders, crazy cores and sours.