Dweebs were a larger, soft and chewy version of the popular candy Nerds produced by The Willy Wonka Candy Company, owned by Nestle.

Dweebs were introduced in the early 1990s, and were only available for a few years before being discontinued. Although slightly softer than Nerds, Dweebs were difficult to distinguish from Nerds themselves and thus lasted a very short time on the market.

Dweebs candy

One notable difference from Nerds is that Dweebs came in boxes with three compartments, rather than two. This arrangement allowed for packing a third flavor in each box and made these pick and mix sweets even more interesting and tasty. With extra flavours came more interest from the growing confectionery market that was expanding all over the world.

Dweebs are still a very popular google search with many customers searching for these hard to find candy pieces, full of delicious flavours. 

Each box came in three different flavors, they included Punch, Strawberry, Orange, and Cherry.

A variation called ‘Super Sower Dweebs’ were also available for a period of time.