The Pick N Mix Hype!

So it's no surprise by now that the online Pick N Mix Sweets business has gone crazy over the last few years with new stores popping up constantly. Lockdown was what really started this....everyone sat at home bored, on their phones and not able to get that treat that they craved! This is where it kicked off truly, we started our Create Your Own side of the business in January of 2020 just before lockdown started, it blew up! THANK YOU!!!

So from that point on we have grown and grown, we started off as I (Chloe) didn't want to return to an office job after having our little one. We expanded the business to the Create Your Own side as well as the wholesale so I had my own little baby to look after as well as our actual living baby haha! I have always been a massive sweet fan. Remember when you were a kid and you used to 'count sheep' to fall asleep, well mine was imagining a house made entirely of sweets and I would think what everything was made of. Then I'd slip off into my slumber fully content with my sweet filled structure! 

Thinking back I can't actually remember what is was I used to think would make a house sustainable and structurally sound but now I reckon it would have to be Mini Strawberry Pencils as your outer building so that they can stand correctly then you could fill the inside with whatever you fancy. Got to have Marshmallows for pillows though surely? Maybe Chocolate Beans for floor tiles, but that wouldn't be ideal in this heatwave we are currently experiencing!

Going back to what I was saying, the Pick N Mix hype has been around for a good couple of years now and it makes such good gifts to send to loved ones you can't see straight away. Let's face it everyone loves sweets and if you don' Or movie nights! Our little one loves a movie night and a bucket or pouch makes the perfect companion for it!

Gone are the days of having to get bland sweets from the cinema or Woolworths on the weekend that everybody else had touched! It's all about the fresh online packets that you come home to and do a little happy dance. It's about getting what you want delivered straight to your door in a pouch, bucket, jar, tub or even a platter!


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