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Pick and mix sweets are one of the most popular things in the world, I think. Now, I know that is a bold statement but here at Zap Sweets, we've been specialising in wholesale sweets for over 10 years now at the time of writing and we've never felt the time was right to make the dive into the pick 'n mix market.

It's certainly different from the wholesale industry. This was clear from the very start when we started to ask our customers if we should introduce a range of what we believe is the best selling pick and mix sweets, available here in the UK.  

The conversation began as we were entering the end of 2019 after being presented a new range of packaging options by one of our suppliers. This included some fantastic new ideas, such as sweet cones as well as sweet pouches. As soon as our team saw the pouches, we knew that it was the right time to get to work and introduce an impressive range of sweets, available in much smaller formats than we have ever listed before. 

Within 3 days, our range was compiled and our new packaging had been delivered. We instantly began testing what sweet pouch we think our customers would love. That's when the penny dropped, why not offer customers the chance to create their own sweets pouch

It took a few more days to test this and create a user friendly interface on our website to showcase our range of over 100+ pick and mix sweets that could be mixed into a sweet pouch, ready to be sent and enjoyed! 

From the idea coming out of one of our team members mouth, our create your own sweet pouch, in a range of sizes, was live! We took to social media to showcase and launch these, and wow, what a response we got. Within the first few hours, we'd already had orders and feedback stating how much they enjoyed picking and choosing sweets to add to their pouch. 

With such an explosive growth with this product, we started to ask for more feedback and it was still clear, people want to choose what goes into their pouch, hamper, jar, box. So just a few days later, we introduced exactly that, a wide range of formats, all available as create your own. This also included a halal sweets pouch, a vegan approved sweets pouch and a mystery pouch that ensures a wide variety of confectionery to try that you may have never heard of, or had the chance to try! 

We'd love to hear about what your experience was like with creating your own sweet gift and if there are any other sweets that you'd like to see on there. Our buying team are always looking to source new and exciting sweets to add to our huge variety. 

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