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In our sweet shop you'll find a huge range of wholesale sweets
from the past as well as the present. Retro sweets from the past are
sure to bring back those nostalgic memories. We stock all of those
old-fashioned, retro sweets from traditional UK sweet shops.

Our vast selection of bulk confectionery includes the highest
quality pick and mix sweets, luxury chocolates, irresistible
handmade fine fudge, delicious sugar free sweets & more!

Looking for a great gifts filled with chocolate & candy
to send to those special people, loved ones or friends?
Our gift hampers make the perfect choice and
will certainly be enjoyed by all! We also stock an
awesome range of american sweets, sodas and
other food items imported directly from the US to the UK.
We hope that you enjoy browsing our online candy store, the home of
wholesale sweets, USA candy and all of the best confectionery on the planet!


Alongside all of our traditional confectionery, we have an extensive range of American candy all the way from across the pond for you to enjoy! Items that you wished you could have got over in the UK for years, such as Lucky Charms, Wonka Chocolate Bars and Reese's Peanut Butter Cups are now available at affordable prices. American soda such as A & W Root Beer and Vanilla Coca Cola are proving to be a nice treat at Zap Sweets HQ and make a great addition to our ever growing range of goodies from the USA.

The American candy we have today isn't very different from those that were available many decades ago. Here are a few well known American items, see if they bring up any sweet memories! Lets start with Hershey. Hershey’s has been serving America’s sweet tooth since 1894 and they still do a fantastic job today. That’s more than a whole century of kisses, chocolate bars and milk duds. And then there’s the famous and revolutionary Reese’s peanut butter-chocolate combo. Everybody loves these!

Then of course, one can never forget the famous M&M's. A very popular USA candy range. The whole characters thing to categorize the flavours is well, very sweet. M&M's were founded in 1930 by the Mars Corporation. Then there’s Altoids in their eye catching little tins. Everybody’s favourite mints! Altoids come in four flavors, Wintergreen, Peppermint, Cinnamon and Spearmint. These innocent looking-but-fiery mints have a two-century history.

With such a wide range of popular wholesale American candy, our team of experienced buyers also source the finest chocolates, grocery items, cereals and sodas. We also enjoy adding new and exciting gift items to our online shop. A real favourite of ours is the Wonka candy hamper, a stylish wicker basket packed full of the best Wonka sweets ever! With such a wide range of goodies and treats from the USA, we just can't help but show them off to everyone, so if you ever hear people talking about Skittles or Pepsi Wild Cherry, it could well be from us!

One of our most popular items from the USA recently has been the wonderful BeanBoozled from Jelly Belly. This superb candy has become a global success due to numerous videos going viral. Each box contains jelly beans that contain both a nice and a not so nice flavour. Some of these flavours include stinky socks, lawn cuttings and even dog food. We stock the entire range of bean boozled sweets available in the UK so be sure to try some before you leave our site, they are great to play with friends and work pals. Jelly Belly are one of the largest sweetie manufacturers on the planet so we ensure that we have good stock levels of all of their sweets at all times. This means that whether you're looking for beanboozled, 50 flavours 1kg jelly bean bags or even the assorted candy boxes, we will be able to supply this within 48 hours to an address of your choice.

Wholesale Sweets

At Zap Sweets, we have a huge passion for everything related to confectionery. We strive to provide the highest quality of wholesale retro sweets possible including all of those old-fashioned, nostalgic favourites from the past including Flying Saucers, Dip Dabs and Fizz Wizz. With over 500+ sweets to choose from, you can be sure to find your favourite candy online.

Do you remember that feeling that you used to get going into your local sweetshop located on the corner of your street? We certainly remember and the feeling of taking our pennies to the shop and buying our favourite candies, then eating them as soon as possible because they were just far too irresistible will stick with us for the rest of our lives. We love the nostalgic memories that are created via confectionery. We have created an online shop where you can relive that feeling over and over again as many times as you like. We have lots of nostalgic retro sweets to bring back those childhood memories including everything from bonbons to sherbet fountains to wham bars. Remember, sweets aren't just for children, they are a treat for everyone, regardless of age!

Here are a few well known retro sweets! Sherbet Fountains - The unusual retro novelty candy that fizzes and expands unexpectedly in your mouth! This is an incredibly popular old-fashioned, traditional confection. Gobstoppers - These are long lasting candies that color your tongue and have numerous layers! Flying Saucers - Shaped like UFO's, these yummy treats always bring back nostalgic memories. They are filled with sherbet so be warned, they have a real fizzy, sour kick to them. If you attack one of these, it will retaliate with an astronomical fizz explosion! Fizzers - Straight out of those bygone party bags. These fizzy, sour sweets will bring back memories....guaranteed!

Do you remember the classic twisted “toffee” design that boiled sweets come in? Humbugs, butter scotch, rosy apples, chocolate limes, everton mints, aniseed twists, these are all in that family of classic, traditional boilings! There are bunches more where these came from as well, we stock a huge range of retro sweets including all of the confectionery products mentioned above. Classics such as candy sticks, dip dabs, fizz wizz, bumper bananas, foam shrimps and anglo bubbly are sure to grab the attention of any food lover with a sweet tooth. We strive to ensure that we have the best selection of sweets available. We pride ourselves on our super fast delivery, excellent customer service and our low, competitive prices across our entire e-commerce website.

We are constantly looking for retro sweets from the past such as the iconic spangles, vice versas, dweebs and some of the other many classics that used to be stocked on the shelves of the old-fashioned sweet shops, bursting with colouring and nostalgic treats that our pocket money was used on. We are very pleased to see candies such as nerds back in stock and available for sale in the UK. Confectionery companies are always looking for new sweets to create, design and put into production so if you have any ideas, we would love to hear them from you. We will gladly pass them onto the manufacturers for you and you never know, your sweets may soon be available for sale on our website. We love wholesale sweets, in fact, we love all types of bulk confectionery so if you have any questions or feedback for us, please let us know, we're always looking to improve our service.

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