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Our retro sweets letterbox gift box is packed full of retro sweets from the past and will be sure to bring back childhood memories to anyone who opens it! 

We've hand picked the best old-fashioned, retro sweets and added them to one superb gift box, making what we think, is a pretty snazzy gift for all ages! 

Inside this gift box is the following:

1 x Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate Bar
1 x Double Dip
1 x Love Heart Dip
1 x Strawberry Jawbreakers Packet
1 x Sherbet Fountain
1 x Mallow Flump
1 x Haribo Starmix Mini Bag
1 x Rainbow Drop
1 x Candy Lipstick
1 x Refresher Chew Bar
1 x Wham Chew Bar
1 x Fizz Wiz Strawberry

Ingredients & Allergens Information

All the items in this gift box are fully sealed and contain the compliant nutritional information as well as ingredients/allergen on the back of each item.

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All of our gift boxes will be packed by hand and will be strapped shut to ensure freshness and security during transit.

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