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We're pleased to introduce our new sweet cones complete with a themed sticker! Choose from either pink or blue filled bottom (these will be with delicious millions sweets!) and coloured ribbon. You can match with your colour theme or you could choose pink sweets with blue ribbon, the choice is totally yours! 

Are you having a specific themed party? Choose from 5 themed stickers below which include Minions, Princesses, Avengers, Dinosaurs and Unicorns. Every sticker also has the text "Thank you for coming to my party!".

These sweet cones are the perfect party favours with a choice of sweets that all kids love and will enjoy. Each cone bag is 18cm in width and 37cm in length. We estimate that each cone bag contains approximately 220g of sweets. 

Each sweet cone contains the following sweets: 

Millions - choose from either tasty strawberry millions or refreshing bubblegum flavour millions, a tough choice to make!

Mini Marshmallows - soft, tasty pink and white mallows that are made by Haribo and are the perfect snacking size. 

Jelly Mix - soft, jelly sweets that come in a range of different fruity flavours, colours and shapes. A really great mix of gummy sweets for all to tuck in to!

Candy Necklaces - a retro sweets classic that is a very popular novelty sweet that is a talking point in all childrens party bags!

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