Over the past five years there has been a significant rise in the number of requests for sugar-free sweets. This isn’t an overall shift in a society looking to be healthier mind you, but rather an increasing number of conditions that prevent the consumption of sugar, and a better understanding of the effects that sugar has on the body.

Sugar is a substance that quickly turns to fat in the body, increases your heart rate and your blood pressure and frankly gets kids bouncing off the walls. But the last thing you want to do is eliminate sweets from your diet! Everyone deserves a sweet treat now and then, which is why more and more products are coming to the market as sugar free!

Perhaps you know someone who is diabetic or has a sucrose-free dietary restriction, if you do you’ve probably heard them drone on and on about how unsatisfying diabetic chocolate is, or perhaps you’ve even had the ill experience of trying some yourself. Yet with the increase in demand for sugar-free sweets, the marketplace has taken a significant shift in providing better options for sugar-free sweets.sugar free sweets

One of the best modern options for your sugar-free sweets (whether it be chocolates, candy or ice-cream) is a product called Xylitol. Xylitol is an all-natural sweetener extracted from plants and berries primarily through-out continental North America. This sweetener has the same taste as traditional sugar, is more effective at sweetening your sweets and contains roughly 33% less calories than traditional sugar. Beyond that Xylitol is considered to be “dentist-friendly” as it is a non-fermentable sugar alcohol and therefore does not cause rapid decay on the teeth.

Another commonly used sweetener in sugar free sweets is honey. Rather than containing large amounts of sucrose, honey sweetener is based in natural sugars and provides a strong sweet flavour with a fraction of the calories and no noticeable hyperactivity. While honey can’t be used in all sweets due to its consistency (it is better for chocolate than for hard candies), it is also much cheaper than traditional sugar or Xylitol.You may have turned up your nose in the past if someone offered you sugar-free sweets, but with modern adaptations there are plenty of new, healthier, lip-smacking good options out there for you to satisfy your sweet-tooth with.

No matter what it is you crave, from chocolate, to candies there are sure to be a number of specialty sweet shops that are able to provide you with sugar-free options. Here at ZapSweets alone we have over 35 of your favourite sweets offered in a sugar-free variety! It’s no longer about catering to specific health needs, but providing flexible and flavourful options that cut down on cost, lower the risk of coronary health complications, and ultimately provide the same delicious flavour without having to sacrifice your waistline.

Why not check out our sugar-free sweets options here at ZapSweets. Consider taking our 30-day sugar free challenge and buying sugar-free sweets. You’ll find that without sacrificing the flavours you love, you are on your way to leading a healthier, happier and more energetic life!