It has been another very busy year at Zap Sweets and we've still got 3 months of the year left to go. With Christmas slowly creeping up upon us, we're hunting for lots of new lines to add to our online sweet shop. Today has been no exception and we are pleased to announce that we are now stocking 2 new bulk bags from Spanish confectionery manufacturer Vidal. 

The 2 new products are Filled Turtles and Pizza Slices. Our favourite in the office is without question, the pizza slices! We're all huge fans of pizza so this product really took our fancy as soon as we were presented with them. Each individual pizza slice has a fruity gummy taste which instantly leaves you craving more. The design of these pizzas are superb, with many different colours and toppings available throughout the entire bulk slices

Both the turtles and the pizza slices are packed into 1kg wholesale bags which makes them perfect for sharing or re-bagging into smaller packs and selling. Both are priced at £6.99 and can be bought from today onwards! 

In 1963 the Vidal family founded Vidal Candies, in the Spanish town of Molina de Segura, with a clear objective: to satisfy the needs of consumers worldwide. With this as an ever present horizon, Vidal Candies soon became a pioneering brand in the manufacturing and marketing of confectionery products. 

Today, Vidal Candies is one of the leading companies in its sector and has achieved international recognition, realising the dream that the Vidal family marked itself out 50 years ago.

The constant pursue for quality by Vidal Candies is also present in their production processes. At present, the company has a surface area of 115,000 square meters, of which 45,000 house complete production lines with specific in-house technological developments.

The company offers a catalogue consisting of over 1,500 references and has a production capacity of 50 million units per day, which makes its product range, the most varied and extensive of the sugar confectionery sector. The catalogue Vidal Candies offers is broken down into five main product categories: Jellies (Gummies), Liquorice, Marshmallow, Hard Boiled Candy and Bubble Gum.