We are super excited to have the CHAMPION of the kit kat chunky challenge here in our warehouse. As you may know, Nestle launched a Choose a Chunky Champion campaign in January, giving chocoholics the chance to vote online for their favourite kit kats which were being made in four limited-edition flavours. 

Peanut Butter saw off Orange, White Chocolate and Double Chocolate and will now join the Nestle range on a permanent basis.

If you have been searching for kit kat chunky peanut butter for ages, look no further, we now have lots in stock so that everyone can relive that feeling of having their first peanut butter kit kat! 

Did you vote online for your favourite? If so, leave a comment with your favourite. We must admit, we did love all 4 flavours and wish they could all be permanent in the Nestle range of Kit Kat Chunky!