1920 saw a change set in motion that would alter the way the world viewed candy forever; it was in this year that Hans Riegel started the world famous “Haribo” sweets company in Bonn, North Rhine-Westphalia Germany.

To you the name Haribo may not be common knowledge but they are the world’s largest producers of gummy candies and liquorice. You’ve probably had some of their products:

Sour Cherries
Friendship Rings
Heart Throbs
Haribo Starmix
Jelly Babies
Gummy Rasberries 

And of course, the stable to the Haribo empire, the Gummy Bear! However, back in 1920 the bear was a much different gummy candy than the one we know and love today. It wasn’t until the late 60’s that Haribo invented the “Goldenbear” brand of Gummy bears that have become the world wide staple. Prior to this they had “The Dancing Bear”, “The Blackbear”, and “The Teddy Bear” all different variations of the classic gummy that changed in size, shape and flavour as the company grew and ultimately adapted to its marketplace.

This marketplace adaptation was crucial to the candy giant, by the late 1940’s they already had around 400 full time staff members and were beginning to branch out into other regions of Europe with a distinct message. It wasn’t the goal of Haribo to make a particular product and grow it to be the best gummy candy around; instead they had a much more compassionate goal that was summed up in their 1931 slogan “HARIBO macht Kinder froh” which translates to “HARIBO makes children happy”.Haribo Sweets

The message was simple and showed that the candy giant cared, they adapted their product time and time again (even something as simple as the shape) in response to what the children they sold to desired. It was this care and compassion that drove the German sweet company into the limelight of the candy world.

The wonderful world of Haribo paints an image that we here at Zap Sweets feel sums up the goal of candy in general. Sweets are here to the make the world a better and brighter place, even if it’s only in that one sweet moment of consumption, where you can slip away into the world of companies like Haribo, forget all your worries and go back to a simpler time, those lovely childhood memories where all that mattered was  a simple smile, a moment of joy.

So buy Haribo sweets today and take that journey, whether it’s a stick of liquorice, an army of gummy bears ready to face the gnashing teeth of a horrible monster, or the twinge and twirk that you get from all to quickly downing a handful of sour cherries, find the candy moment that makes you happy! Oh, and remember Zap Sweets macht dich froh! (Zap Sweets makes you happy!)