For centuries the traditions of Halloween have been embedded into civilization and intertwined with the custom of handing out sweets. So long have these two been inextricably linked that it is almost impossible to imagine a Halloween night without sweets. Here at Zap Sweets we have designed and created a wonderful selection of sweets specifically for Halloween. Whether it be for trick or treaters, Halloween themed parties or even a corporate event, our brilliant range of spooky treats will be perfect for you!

We offer an extensive range of Halloween candy from the traditional Haribo spooky themed sweets to Harry Potter themed sweets! Below are just some of the candy sweets we offer:

  • Jelly Bats
  • Skull Candy
  • Jelly Filled Skulls
  • Harry Potter Bertie Bots
  • Brain Licker
  • Chocolate Frogs

As you can see the range of different types of candy we offer is particularly impressive. Children , the main consumers of candy, usually have  a preference with regards to candy whether it be to lick something, chew something or suck the candy and we have catered for all of these needs.

We will now go into further detail about some of our best selling and most exciting candies!snot shots candy

Dracula Teeth

Our realistic and very tasty Dracula Teeth sweets come in 1.5kg reusable jars and are hugely popular amongst both children and adults alike. They are not only the perfect prop for children to play with and become fascinated with but they are also very tasty and fun to chew. Dracula Teeth would be the perfect choice for a Halloween themed party and also for trick or treaters on that spooky Halloween night!

Brain Lickers

Brain Lickers sweets are consumed by licking a rollable deodorant like bottle. The sour liquid candy contained inside is immensely popular and tasty and the rather unusual yet intriguing method of consumption makes this sweet yet even more popular and sought after. Brain Lickers are particularly popular amongst children due to the mystery and excitement surrounding the use of the word “brain” and moreover the wonderfully sour candy is irresistible to them.

Chocolate Frogs

As the name suggests these sweets are simply frog-shaped delicious chocolate treats. The chocolate used is milk chocolate which is delicious and has universal appeal. These frog shaped tasty treats are a perfect treat to have at your events, parties or simply hand out to trick or treaters! Order today and get yours!

Gum powder

This deliciously explosive sour gum is sure to tingle your taste buds. With the cool packaging and clever name this delicious candy is the perfect treat for children. They will add to the Halloween theme of any event as well as being an explosive burst of taste.

Toxic Waste

No candy eater can claim themselves a true King of candy without having conquered the ‘deadly’ yet delicious toxic waste sweets. Toxic waste is an extremely sour candy which not everyone can handle but for those who can there is a tasty treat in the middle of each sweet. Toxic waste is the perfect sweet for Halloween parties and trick or treaters.

So there you have it- a small selection of our spooky but delicious Halloween candy! We have been in business for many years now and have provided our services to many different companies and individuals over the years. We believe in the highest level of customer service and most importantly a premium level of product which is in accordance with all the food and safety health regulations.